Chuck & Erin

When I joined my first Small Group 10 years ago, I was introduced to a newly-married couple who, although I didn’t know it at the time, would become two people who would both strongly impact my life.  As we all got acquainted that first Tuesday night, I realized Chuck was a hard-working, good-looking, slow-to-speak kind-of guy.  But behind his thoughtful words and rugged looks, the thing I loved most about Chuck was his relationship with God and Erin.   Erin, equally as wonderful as Chuck, was totally different.  She was friendly, funny and spoke what was on her mind.  She had so many qualities that I admired, but the thing I remember most was her respect and admiration for Chuck.  It was obvious to all of us how much she adored him.

During a quick trip back home to Georgia (while I was living in Arizona four years ago), I got to photograph Chuck, Erin and their three adorable boys.  I was honored that they drove such a long way for a session!  Then, after moving back to Georgia the following year, Erin scheduled a Lifestyle Session for their growing family at their beautiful home in the country.  Although it had been a while since I’d last photographed their family, I stayed in touch with Chuck & Erin through Facebook and 12Stone Church and knew their were lots of neat changes in their family… not to mention their four kids growing-up so quickly!

Chuck & Erin recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary with their family at their new home in the country…

After a few pictures to mark their special celebration, we quickly got in ‘play‘ clothes and enjoyed the rest of our evening outside…

The kids enjoyed one of their favorite activities… taking their canoe out!
I left this session with way too many images happy that Chuck & Erin have allowed me to capture so many of their family’s memories over the past years.  It’s always a treat to watch their kids play and experience the love that Chuck & Erin STILL have for one another.



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