Choco and his family

I had been home less than a mintue on Sunday when Ross turns the corner and says, “You take pictures of dog, Mama?  I wanna’ see!  I wanna’ see!” 
Ross wasn’t the only one excited about Choco’s pictures!  I think Choco himself got a kick out of someone following him, well, chasing him, around for photographs.  I love this photograph for some reason.  It seems to tell a story.  (Well, maybe that’s a little too deep.  But, I still love this photo.)This may simply look like a nice family portrait to you.  But, to me, it’s downloading over 20 shots of the same pose, only to say out loud, “YEAH!  YEAH!”  Choco is not only LOOKING at the camera (which is huge in dog-photography), but, he’s also smiling!!!  Thank you, Choco! 

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