Camping (Yurt-style!)

With ALL the things that my family LOVES about camping, there’s still a couple of {BIG} factors that always seems to keep us stuck at home. By the time Matthew finishes his work day, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of extra time to drive for hours, find our camp site then proceed to pitch a tent IN THE DARK WITHOUT ANY HELP.

So when I heard about a different option right down the road from me, I was SO EXCITED to plan our next camping trip!

Prior to seeing the property on AIRBNB, I had never heard about a Yurt. So, in case you’re like me, let me explain why I’m now a HUGE fan:

  • We arrived (within 20 minutes) and the Yurt was READY (no tents to pitch!), spotless and well-stocked! Instead of spending the rest of daylight unloading supplies, tents, blankets and pillows, we simply enjoyed the daylight and PLAYED OUTSIDE!
  • After dinner and s’mores over the camp fire (and some ukulele playing, thanks to Rayna!), we put out the fire and were READY for bed! Unlike tent-camping, we ALL curled into our own COMFY bed, soft sheets and heavy blankets!

If you’re in NWA, I would totally recommend staying a night or two here! It was SO much fun to get out of the house, turn all of our phones off, enjoy nature and simply RELAX!

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