CABO: Travel Tips & Favorite Spots!

Matthew (FOUND A TIMESHARE OFFER ONLINE) ‘was invited to a meeting with a real-estate investing company’. Sitting through a 2-hour, high-pressure sales pitch on vacation isn’t for everyone, but we couldn’t turn down the offer for a discounted week at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo!

We didn’t leave as owners, but we DID leave with and sun-tan and some great memories! We weren’t able to do it all, but here are a few of our FAVORITE SPOTS in Cabo!

1. Hike Mt. Solmar
Being a dog-lover, this was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my trip! For the past 33 years, Enrique (and all the dogs living on his property) have hiked to the top of Mt. Solmar. For the past few years, he’s unlocked his gate and allowed others to join him as well. It’s no-nonsense and tough in some parts. But the dogs are well-behaved and the views at the top are INCREDIBLE!

2. Watching the Wildlife
Anyone else experience God’s GLORY and POWER through nature? I certainly do! Whether it was watching the birds waiting for the fishermans’ leftovers or barking sea lions trying to get attention, I was constantly in awe of God’s creation.

Aside from our honeymoon and cruises, we have not stayed at an all-inclusive hotel. So we quickly realized that we’ve been missing out! As much as we both love to explore, we found ourselves relaxing more since everything we needed was inside the beautiful resort.

4. WATER TAXI to “Lover’s Beach”
Many people choose more expensive options (sunset tours, clear boats, yacht, catamaran, etc.), but for only $9 a person, a basic water taxi took us to El Arco, Pelican Rock and Playa del Amor “Lovers Beach” and picked us up at our desired time.
“Lover’s Beach” was too crowded for us, but we really loved the short walk on the other side to Playa del Divorcio. Although you can’t get in the ocean because of the violent waves, it was beautiful and much more secluded.

We loved Cabo, so here’s a short-list of things I would NOT do again:
* San Jose: It’s possible that I missed something spectacular right around the corner, but I couldn’t get out of San Jose fast enough. I am a glass-half-FULL kind of girl, but I did not ‘get‘ it.
* Flora Farms & Acre Resort: If you love over-paying for tiny portions of organic food, you’ll love these two side-by-side spots. Learning about the concept was interesting, but both were WAAAAY too bougie for me.
* Going to the Marina is inevitable when getting to “Lover’s Beach,” but unless you’re looking for souvenirs, drugs or coffee mugs shaped like private parts, I’d limit my time there.

I probably missed a lot, but here’s a few things I’d ADD:
* WHALE WATCHING (April-December)!
* Snorkeling!

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