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Mack, Maya, Mack, Bear & Maya

I’ll let you in on a secret…

Each time I go back to Georgia, you can find me in 1 of 3 spots: my grandparent’s living room, my parent’s kitchen or my sister’s couch. (Okay, maybe add The Cheesecake Factory, since we don’t have one in NW Arkansas.)  Regardless… most of the week is spent in pajamas “work-out clothes” with my family.

The one exception is the day I get to put on make-up and normal clothes and do the thing that gives me SO much JOY… photography!  Since most of my clients have been with me for years and years, it’s almost the SAME as spending time with FAMILY!

Mack, Maya, Mack, Bear and Maya are perfect examples!  (You know me… I couldn’t resist doing a baby-Maya and current-Maya side-by-side photo together at the end of this post!)


Just for fun…

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