I love this senior.  (I can say that because he’s my nephew.)
When I met Matthew, I could tell how much he loved Blane.  I quickly joined the club.

Over the past years, I’ve always enjoyed the time I’ve spent with him.  Even though he lives in Mississippi, we’ve cooked many meals together, enjoyed out-of-town trips and made plenty of memories.  Blane made a long trip for senior photos, but we still made time to catch-up, make some amazing jalapeno poppers (jalapenos straight from my dad’s garden– stuffed with cream cheese, rolled-up in bacon and baked to a crispy perfection) and make a few new memories at my grandparent’s house.

He requested a super-short session, so I delivered!  I’m pretty sure we were finished in less than 20 minutes!  Here’s just a few…


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