Baby Michael is baptized

Think about the special occasions in your own life…

If they are anything like the milestones in my own family, a lot of time goes into making sure the day is perfect.
Details are planned months in advance.
Friends and family are there to make the day special and memorable.

But unfortunately, one thing is usually true for me:
If I DO try to document all the moments, I can’t be present for all of them.
If I AM present for all the memories, I MISS the opportunity to photograph them.


That’s why I am SO passionate about EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY.  It allows YOU to be present in the moment with your family AND still have lifelong memories to treasure forever.  I blogged a personal story a year ago that explains why this hits close to home with me.  Click HERE to hear about Ross’ 1st birthday. 

So, when I received an email from Lindsey about photographing Michael’s baptism, even though it was a few weeks before I planned on shooting again, I HAD to say, “Yes… of course!”

Here are a few.  (And, yes!  If it looks like Michael is smiling specifically for me, it’s true!)

A few of the friends and family afterwards…

Pumpkin picture before lunch!


So, whether you’re celebrating a graduation, birthday party, anniversary party, birth of a child or sporting events, you will not regret hiring a professional photographer to be there to allow YOU to ENJOY the day and still remember it forever!


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