After my long phone conversation with Carey last year, I couldn’t wait to photograph her son Andrew in the upcoming weeks.  She shared with me some really moving stories about how Andrew came into her life.  Throughout an hour-conversation, she mentioned again and again how thankful she was for her family.

Months later, I couldn’t figure out why she had not returned my emails or phone calls.  I allowed a few more weeks to pass and decided to email her one last time.  To my surprise, I received a phone call a few weeks later from Carey.  Right away, I could tell something was wrong.

Carey told me she had suffered from an extremely serious brain aneurysm.  She explained how she had almost died and lost most of her memory.  Her life had been completely turned-around since the last time we spoke on the phone.  The doctors told her, statistically, she should not be alive… much less living at home.  Through all of this, Carey, once again, continued to talk about her family and how thankful she was for all of the blessings in her life.  She told me that instead of focusing on the many problems she faced each waking moment, she choose to be thankful to get to be Peter’s wife and Andrew’s mom one more day.

I am so grateful Peter happen to find my last email to Carey.  He remembered our phone conversation from last year and urged her to call me.  This was their first family session together.  After we ended our session, Carey hugged me and said she probably wouldn’t be able to remember this day, but she wanted me to know how grateful she was for it.  After seeing her over-come so many obstacles and continue to look at all the positive things in her life, I was the one who was grateful to have met such a special person.

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