Adventures in a New Season

As quickly as our house sold and I began boxing-up books and craft supplies, Ruthie started specifically praying we could move into an apartment. Based on her heart-felt conversations with God, I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me when the house we planned on moving into didn’t go through. You can imagine the SMILE on Ruthie’s face when we delivered the news that her prayer had been answered- She’d be sharing a room (...and bed) with Rayna for a good part of this year!

During our last five years, God gave my family the most incredible gift of MARGIN– showing us all what’s most valuable in our lives (time) and allowing us to fight for it and cherish it. In this new season, I am trusting God will reveal the value of SIMPLICITY. And nothing jump-started this expectation more than packing-up 95% of my family’s possessions and locking them away in a storage unit!

But as much as I wanted to embrace minimalism in this new season, I knew I couldn’t possibly go months and months without any photographs on our wall. So, with a box of family photos, mini clothes hangers, a cheap spool of thread and 3m Command Strips (no nail holes!), I began to display our family’s memories on a big wall we get to see everyday!

YES… there were several INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING failed attempts (see the last photo, but please don’t judge my decorating and decision-making skills!); but, I finally grabbed a tape-measure and made it look presentable.

Rusty says, “Enough with all the nonsense. Let’s go for a walk!”

Looking at the photos, it struck me how many of my favorite photos were taken in new places that were, sometimes, out of my comfort zone. So, as we continue to live in a very small space for the next few months, I look forward to the NEW memories we’ll make here!

Don’t ask me what I was thinking with the zig-zag system! (For a weird-minute, I planned on not cutting individual pieces.)
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