A Week on the Lake

Just ask Ross…   He’ll gladly do his impersonation of me stating how video games, cartoons and pointless apps turn your brain into mush.

And that is EXACTLY why I love spending several days at the lake…
No iPads.
No Wii.
No internet.

Our first morning at the Smith Lake cabin with my parents started with Ross running down to the water.  He was determined to catch a fish in his net.  One of the greatest thing about Ross is he NEVER gives up.  And just like he caught a chipmunk the first day of summer, he most certainly stayed in the water until he came out with his very own fish!

Ross water-skied… and so did Rayna!  (I need to post her video soon!)

Rayna did her favorite thing… cooking

And where there’s water, there’s always lots of jumping

Oh yeah, we caught more than just fish…
Some people say taking a bath in a lake is an oxymoron.  But, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!  (Especially when the hot water was out in the cabin!)



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