A Perfect Day

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a sweet, wonderful and perfect little girl.
She loved her mom more than anything in the world.  And her mom felt the same exact way about her.

Her dad would joke-around, saying they were ‘joined-at-the-hips.’   But if you’d been around either one of them, you’d quickly realize he was kind-of telling the truth.

Even though the little girl and her mom were still as close as ever, this year had required a lot of patience, love and understanding on both of their parts.

You see, her mom had a pretty rough start to the yearThere were times when she could barely get her little girl to school– much less give her all the love and attention she deserved.

Thankfully, after six months, the little girl got her old mom back.  But soon after, most of the attention in the house was now going towards her new baby sister that everyone seemed to not be able to get enough of.  And even though this little girl loved her new baby sister more than you would ever believe, there were still way too many times that her mom had to put her first little girl’s needs on the back-burner in order to calm a crying newborn or change a dirty diaper.


But, thankfully, they survived.
Their family got their groove back.
Things were good again.

But, there was still NO question between the two of them…
Every since her birthday, the little girl and her mom were BOTH anxiously counting down the days!
You see, when the mom bought she and her little girl 2 ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tickets for her 5th birthday, even though they both LOVED the story, it was always LESS about the show and MORE about a special day for JUST them.


The day FINALLY came.
On the morning of the show, a warm, sweet-smelling little girl came down the stairs in her daddy’s t-shirt.  She crawled in her mom’s lap and the first words she quietly said was, “I can’t wait for tonight!”

And before she knew it, the day she thought would last forever, quickly passed by.  She had made a big breakfast for everyone, painted a picture frame at Home Depot with her dad and brother and played outside.

Now, it was FINALLY time to start getting ready!

On a side-note, getting ready for something you’ve waited months for is kind-of a big deal.
There are certain things that MUST be done:

1.  Re-puncture the holes in your ears where you can wear your beautiful earrings that are WAY too fancy for a 5-year old.

2.  Remove the 3 extra-large, hot-pink tattoos that cover your left arm.

3.  Add a little blush to your cheeks (…and forehead).

4.  Turn on the music!
(5.  Take a picture of the FIRST song that Pandora played.  Very cool, huh?)

6.  Document the day by taking a quick picture together in the backyard before leaving.  (This is the same “Belle” dress that her Nana had made for her cousin over ten years ago!) 


7.  Enjoy watching Rayna enjoying ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ for the first time ever.
Share lots of laughs (and pasta) with one another.
Try not to be super-embarrassed when 2 really funny guys serenaded  us with the theme song from Beauty and the Beast inside the restaurant.  (If they would have ONLY known how quiet we BOTH can be!)


She thought she’d sit in her own seat for the snapshot, but she sat in my lap for most of the show.  (Which was GREAT with me.)

Perfect night.
(Did I say that already?)

Truly perfect.  More than anything else, having Rayna all to myself and treating her to so many great ‘firsts’ will make it a night I will remember FOREVER.

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