ARUBA… Love at First Sight!

It’s hard to say how long we stayed in the ocean, peacefully enjoying the warm water and cool breeze.  With my legs and arms wrapped around him in the middle of the most gorgeous, crystal-clear water, I laid my head down on his shoulder and we both agreed we couldn’t believe we’re already celebrating 10 years of marriage.  I must have told him a dozen times that afternoon, “Even if nothing else great happens, I already know, this is going to be my FAVORITE trip.” I have so many memories, images and stories to share, but for now, I’ll just start at the beginning…

As we arrived at our hotel, we were quickly reminded why, out of all of the hotels in Aruba, we choose this one.  We quickly found our way to the boat in the hotel lobby and enjoyed the view as we made our way to the only private beach and island in Aruba (owned by Marriott).



Words can’t describe how gorgeous this island was.  Although there was a family-friendly area, the hotel and island that we choose was adult-only.  There wasn’t a lot of people where we were, but we never felt alone!  Just look at the huge iguanas, pink flamingos, crabs and other critters that welcomed us when we arrived…


undefinedundefined With cold watermelon in his hands, Matthew quickly made some new friends…

Does this view get any better?!?!
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We didn’t want to leave the private island, but the hotel’s infinity pool overlooking the harbor was a pretty good transition!



This was just day one!  Stay tuned for some crazy adventures, incredible meals and a surprise from Matthew I’ll NEVER forget!


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