Work, Sun & Tiramisu

My life is pretty normal.

I have a hard time keeping enough milk stocked in our house each week.
Matthew’s closet is full of dress-shirts that are wrinkled from staying in the dryer… LOOOOOONG after they were dried.
Before our Small Group comes over each week, I usually forget to pick-up random toys & make sure the toilet seat is down.
And sometimes in the middle of the day, Rayna will ask me why I’m wearing pajamas.  (I then try to explain they are just ‘comfortable clothes.’)

But, ONE week out of the year, my life is different.

Instead of cramming Rayna’s toothbrush & Ross’ stuffed animal in the front of my suitcase, I neatly and slowly pack my favorite outfits and a cute pair of high-heeled shoes.
Instead of boarding a plane wondering if Rayna is going to have a melt-down, I take my seat and consider going through my list of business goals, but quickly decide a nap on Matthew’s shoulder sounds MUCH better!
At a restaurant, instead of wondering if there’s anything Ross will eat for dinner, I focus on not eating too much calamari and crab cakes where I can still enjoy Key Lime Pie for dessert.
Oh, and did I mention sleeping-in?!?!

One week out of the year, Matthew’s company has their annual Sales Meeting.  While Matthew and the other Sales Managers spend their time in meetings, the spouses are invited to relax during the day and enjoy a fancy-smancy dinner each night.  It’s an INCREDIBLE combination!

This was my view from our room…

Call me crazy, but the majority of each day, I choose the view BELOW over the beach, pool and spa.  From my first job early on, I have always LOVED working.  Now, doing what I LOVE makes me enjoy work even MORE!   (Yes- Matthew surprised me with Tiramisu one day.  My FAVORITE!)

During our free day, Matthew and I found a GREAT spot by the pool!
He won a poker game on his phone.
I finished a book.
No complaints.

This was a GREAT week, but there was nothing greater than getting Ross & Rayna back in my arms!

To see photos from last year’s Sale’s Meeting, CLICK HERE!

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