I received a call during my beach trip from someone who wanted to know if I did maternity sessions.  During our phone conversation, she told me her photographer had cancelled an upcoming session and she was very close to her due date.  After I explained I was focusing on children and families, I sent her the contact information for two wonderful photographers in our area who specialize in maternity and newborn .  Shortly after my email was sent, I received an message from Affie explaining she had reviewed their portfolios, but loved my work and would feel more comfortable me doing her session.

Although this was a compliment and I was very excited to document this important part of her life, I am sharing all of this to simply to illustrate something I am VERY passionate about: 
It is SO important that you feel comfortable with the photographer you choose! 

If you’re currently looking for a photographer, here are a few tips to help you choose a photographer who is right for you:

  • Check out the photographer’s porfolio.  If you don’t find images on their website or blog that move/inspire/excite you, move on to another photographer! 
  • Communicate what you’re looking for.  If a family tells me they want ‘formal shots’ (ie: all matching outfits, studio shots, no playful interaction, shots that are posed or with props), I give them the names of several other photographers in the area.  On the other-hand, if a family is looking for laughs, hugs and real moments, I know we’d be a great fit.
  • Make a quick call!  A phone conversation can often help you get to know the photographer.  Based on her ideas and personality, you’ll probably have an idea whether or not she is right for you.
  • Lastly, if the service you need is not listed on the website, JUST ASK!  I was honored to photograph Affie’s family and beautiful belly!


Now, most importantlyAffie’s Sneak Peeks!
I wish every session could start off by me sitting across the table from an adorable little boy finishing his breakfast!  While his mom and dad finished getting dressed upstairs, Atlas and I had a LOT to talk about!  I learned all about Super Mario Brothers, new videos on YouTube and all of his new favorite songs.    


When I saw Affie coming down the stairs, I couldn’t believe how amazingly gorgeous she was! 

Affie- Thank you again for asking me to photograph you and your beautiful family!  I enjoyed it so much!

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