‘Granny’ and our BIG family session…

How can I describe my great-grandmother?

  • Everyone calls her ‘Granny.’  (Even her cousin who is the same age!)
  • She is 94 years old.  Yet, you are likely to find her raking her yard several times a week.
  • Just a few years ago on a senior-citizen trip, she decided to show-off by climbing the kid’s playset and sliding down a super-steep slide. 
  • She’s an INCREDIBLE cook!  Personal favorites include dressing, pecan pie & vegetable soup (using only fresh vegetables, of course).
  • And, as told by my sister, “Every time I’ve ever been to the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House with her, she goes through the tiny kid’s door.”
  • One more reason?  Her humor and wisdom landed her on the cover of Neighborhood News, and featured in a monthly column called, “Ask Granny.”

Although I had wanted a big family picture for a while, it took one of my clients losing her dad unexpectedly to make me realize how important family pictures really are.  I knew then how great it would be to have a BIG family picture taken with Granny.  A few weeks and emails later, our family met up at my grandparent’s house for pictures.  Here’s a few of my favorites….

Granny + Ross:  5 generations…

As you can see, Granny was pretty popular that day…  Although I love this picture of my grandparents with my kids and nephew…
…I love the one that came before it even more! 
We were waiting for Sissy-Lu-Lu (aka: Rayna) to get her doll out of the car and this is what was happening behind the scenes..
I will probably always treasure this picture which includes my parents, grandparents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew…  Here’s one (of many) of our family group shots.  Grant Norwood was nice enough to come by with his camera to take our group shot…  
I read a great article today about the reasons people don’t schedule family pictures.   (Take a second to read it!)  Bottom line, everyone has their own excuses why now is not a good time for family pictures.  However, family pictures are sooo important!  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be so thankful you did!

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