Rayna’s Quilt

The “It’s-A-GIRL!” news had barely reached all of our family when I received a phone call from my sister-in-law saying, “Merla said she would make the baby’s bedding!”  Well, if you’ve seen Merla’s work, you simply don’t turn down that kind of offer. 

But we did.

We knew Rayna wouldn’t be using her crib for too long, so we asked Merla if she would consider making a quilt she could use once she was in a big-girl bed.  We knew how special the piece would be and we wanted to make sure it would be loved and appreciated for a very long time.

Rayna is definately a big girl now.
She’s completely potty-trained.
She loves every food- except fried mushrooms.
And, most importantly, she’s out of her baby crib!

A lot of time, thought and unique fabric (23 different patterns, to be exact) went into Rayna’s quilt.  Although Michelle, Matthew and I added our own special touches to it, Merla was the person who created the quilt I had always wanted!  It’s the perfect combination of VINTAGE, FUNKY and COUNTRY.  It’s my favorite thing about Rayna’s room!

I’m not the only one who loves it…   

If you’d like to contact Merla regarding a special project for you or someone you know, you can email her @ .

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