Sweet as Sugar

The word ‘sweet’ just doesn’t do Rayna justice.  

She gives Murphy treats first thing each morning.
She reminds me to give her a vitamin each morning and to “watch earring” when I’m changing her clothes. 
While Ross sits on the floor crying because he doesn’t want to find and put on his shoes, Rayna will disappear for a minute.  She comes back with his shoes in her hand and a smile on her face.  She quietly sits down in front of him and he puts his foot in her lap.  (Yes… she puts Ross’ shoes on for him!)

As Rayna and I sat outside the barn (at Matthew’s parent’s house) watching all the older kids have a snowball fight, I took my camera out.  Once I pointed my camera towards her, these were just a few of her many faces… I just love her hands being in her pocket.  She looks so grown-up to me…

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