Chasing Boys

Nikki and Chris really wanted to update their family photos.  However, they both expressed concern with how their boys would cooporate during the session.  When I got an email from Chris saying, “Tommy is going to be impossible,” I totally understood their anxiety over having family pictures.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?!?!

I’m sharing this because I think a lot of people out there share these same feelings.  I have found myself avoiding photographing Ross because I know what the outcome will be one of two things: HEAD DROP/AVOID EYE CONTACT or HUGE, FAKE smile.  

Although it may be hard to get some kids to sit still and smile, I still encourage everyone to CAPTURE those MOMENTS!  Here’s one of my favorite shots of Tommy.  Although it’s not your ‘typical’ portrait, I love it because it’s a REAL smile and, better-yet, it represents Tommy’s energy and personality.   

Tyler holding on to his big brother’s finger…
Chris & Nikki prefer natural photography.  I think this image reflects their relationship…



I have a few more I wanted to share, but I’m getting your entire gallery uploaded right now!  Thanks for asking me to photograph your fun, active, sweet and funny family.  I think you could see I had a great time with them!

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