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Our Christmas “Gift” (Colorado, Part 2)

In case you missed it, I wrote in my last post, Part 1 of “Our Christmas “Gift,” about our family’s decision to skip PRESENTS and take a family TRIP instead.


One of the HIGHLIGHTS of our trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado was going DOG SLEDDING!

Even though I love using words to describe feelings, I just can NOT seem to express the experience of being pulled through fresh, Colorado snow by 12 excited and amazingly beautiful dogs.  There were moments of laughter and excitement as the dog’s pace went from jogging to full-on running.  Then, as the dogs found their steady pace and we all began looking around us at God’s incredible creation, we all became as SILENT as the fresh snow falling from the big sky.

It was a beautiful, incredible experience that I’ll never, ever forget. 


Ruthie found a dog to kiss!
Even BETTER, an ADORABLE PUPPY that wanted to kiss her TOO!
Untitled-1 copy

In the words of Ruthie, “My like him a LOT.”
(Thank you, Rayna, for taking this picture!)

Maybe it’s just me, but, I think these are one of the most GORGEOUS breeds of dogs!  Anyone else?!?!  
(I’ve always joked with Matthew that, if HE were a DOG, THIS is what he would be!  Bright blue eyes… Athletic… Hard-Working… Fun…)


Ruthie feel asleep on Rayna during the ride.  But, woke-up in time for a “snack”… 

I LOVED how Pagosa Dogsled Adventures took photos of our family during our sledding adventure! That was SUCH a treat getting a full gallery emailed to us after our trip!

I’m finding myself taking as many VIDEOS as PHOTOGRAPHS lately.  So, I usually put together a little video for our family to enjoy.  I thought I’d share some of our favorite parts here too…

We’ve already made plans for THIS CHRISTMAS’ trip!

Anyone else entertaining the idea of giving up gifts for a family get-away together?!?!?    🙂   I think you might LOVE it!

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