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Guillaume, Erin, Isabella and Bridgette

I attended a photography workshop recently where Sandy Puc offered her students a challenge.  The idea was that professional photographers often get burned-out from ‘having‘ to take the same ‘standard‘ shots for all of their clients.  Her advice was for us to get the ‘standard‘ shot for our client, but then ALSO take a creative photograph that WE (as the artist) LOVE.

Even though I thought that was EXCELLENT advice, I realized 2 things:
1.  When you’re lucky enough to get to photograph lil’ kids, there’s NOTHINGstandard‘ about ANYTHING!  Every session is crazy, busy, funny and TOTALLY unique!
2.  If you truly LOVE photography and find yourself constantly excited about each child’s unique personality, you’ll never, ever get burned-out because each experience is an adventure in itself!


As I was photographing Guillaume, Erin, Isabella and Bridgette, I took lots of pictures of the girls looking straight at the camera and with pretty smiles.  But, the truth is, the photos that I LOVE the MOST are the moments in between.

It’s when we’re all laughing…
Or taking a break…
Or not looking at the camera…
Or just being really silly…

DSC_6819b copy
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DSC_6893b copy
DSC_6898b copy
girls copy

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