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Our Christmas “Gift”: 2016 Cruise

  “The purpose of life, after all, is to LIVE it, to TASTE experience to the utmost, to REACH OUT eagerly and without fear for NEWER and RICHER experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Matthew’s had some really good ideas during our past 17 years together, but I think my FAVORITE was his idea in 2015 to totally […]

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Something to Celebrate

If you were to ask my kids what our family ‘celebrates‘, you’d probably be surprised at their answers. Although our family values good grades, school plays, new karate belts and finishing piano books, it’s far from where our praise is found. For our family, there’s NOTHING worth celebrating MORE than seeing God’s plan being carried […]

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Naomi Joy

After lots of years of waiting, she was created. After lots of cautious weeks of developing, her announcement was made. After lots of prayers, her CF test results came back negative.  (Praise the Lord!) After all of this, we all believe God has a very special plan for Naomi’s life. Here’s my newest and most […]

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Ruthie’s an “ANIMAL PERSON!”

Ruthie claimed she’s a “TURTLE PERSON;” but, during our trip to Farmland Adventure yesterday, I realized it’s safe to say, she’s a “HORSE PERSON” as well! She’s a “COW PERSON” too!   She’s like me!  She can’t get enough of those gorgeous cows! I think the GOATS like her too! Ruthie and I both snuck-off […]

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I remember the first time I met Austen.  Although Matthew and I had only been dating a few weeks, I felt like I already knew his little nephew from all the stories I’d heard about him.  Matthew’s stories about Austen were all great, but NOTHING compared to how wonderful this little boy really was! At […]

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Florida 2016 (Part 2)

I posted a few pictures from our beach trip HERE, but there were a few more that made me too happy not to post. This picture looks pretty dreamy, but Ruthie was actually being kind-of fussy and we were ready to go inside.  As we were gathering our things, a nice family came over and […]

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