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Soccer Boys

Usually when I photograph a sporting event or team, it’s pretty official.  I get a babysitter for Rayna and take hundreds of photos.  This shoot was a little different.  Everyone on Ross’ team, including us,  all seemed to miss the ‘official‘ team photos, so the coach asked me to take a few of the players […]

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My little Hammerhead

Summer is officially over.  It’s actually starting to feel WONDERFUL here and I’m counting down the days to get out my Fall knee boots.  Those, along with beef stew, make me a very happy gal. So, as I sit here now in my warm pajamas Matthew’s old sweatpants and t-shirt, I thought I’d post a […]

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Congratulations, Esha!

I left Chris and Esha’s house with lots of different feelings. I couldn’t have been more excited about their lives together.  Not only are they SUCH a sweet couple, they were just blessed with a perfect baby boy!  Oh… Did I forget to mention Esha graduated medical school just a few hours before I arrived […]

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Ever’s 1st Birthday!

I couldn’t have dreamed-up a more perfect place for sweet little girl’s 1st birthday party! We were surrounded by beautiful trees, a crystal-clear pool, the smell of delicious food and an incredible garden framed by two tire swings.  But more than all the beautiful details (provided by the amazing Stefanie Dunn with The Wedding Box), […]

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Morgan Taylor

After passing several gorgeous fields and hundreds of cows, I saw the cabin up ahead.  The outside was decorated with a big sign and lots of red, white and blue balloons.  Inside the cabin was a lot of busy people who wanted nothing more than to show Morgan Taylor how much she has impacted all […]

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Go Braves!

For the past 3 years, I’ve been taking photos of my friend’s baseball team.  If I didn’t stay so busy with other sessions, I would LOVE to photograph more baseball teams.  But for now, I’ll have to be happy hanging out with the AWESOME, CUTE and UNDEFEATED Braves!

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