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My Favorite Spot

My favorite place to take photos of my kids is  where EVER they are playing! For us, that usually means the front yard! Rayna’s gotten some great deals at yard-sales, but this bow-and-arrow set is probably one of her favorite finds!   Rayna’s doing really well using my “big” camera! My shutter speed was WAY off […]

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On the road again…

If me or my crew ever have a chance to take a trip, we’ll ALWAYS say “YES!”  Even better when our final destination includes cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and a beautiful backyard to enjoy! Matthew’s the most talented dude I know! Matthew’s dad sends out a Bible verse everyday, but before he does, he takes […]

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Kyle, Jamie, Sloan and Collins

When Matthew and I made the difficult decision to leave everything to pursue a slower and more intentional life, I felt God leading me to also take a break from the ONE thing that had consistently filled me with happiness, self-worth, purpose and passion- my photography business.  Selfishly, I worried all of these wonderful emotions […]

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Naomi’s Story

Normally, when my sister and I talk on the phone every day, our conversations are usually centered around something we’re cooking, somewhere we’re going or something too immature to share with anyone else.  But there WAS one particular phone call with Hannah almost two years ago that I will ALWAYS remember. I asked her how […]

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Tieg, Melissa, Grayson, Kensley & Maddox

Although I didn’t recognize the number when my phone rang, I certainly knew the familiar area code.  When I answered, a very nice man explained that all his wife wanted for Mother’s Day was for him to call me and arrange a photo session when I came back to Georgia.  (I told him that was […]

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