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Cohen, 8 months old

The idea of JOY is absolutely fascinating to me. I’ve had wonderful seasons where I experienced true JOY every single day. I’ve also had seasons where I was numb; yet terrified I would never, ever feel joy again. I’ve had times when I’ve allowed comparison to steal my joy. Ironically enough, I’ve also witnessed many […]

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When my family made the choice to move away from our {busy} life in Georgia to pursue a more intentional {and less-busy} life in Arkansas, Rayna was heavy on my heart.  Not only was she leaving her “Gigi” (my mom), but she was also saying goodbye to her best friend. As I prayed for my […]

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Our Christmas “Gift”: 2016 Cruise

  “The purpose of life, after all, is to LIVE it, to TASTE experience to the utmost, to REACH OUT eagerly and without fear for NEWER and RICHER experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Matthew’s had some really good ideas during our past 17 years together, but I think my FAVORITE was his idea in 2015 to totally […]

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The Tangs

It was a cold morning in Georgia and the winds were stronger than I had ever remembered.  I considered calling the Tangs before their session, but I knew this was our only day to capture the family photographs she had waited so patiently for.  Before pulling into their driveway, not only did I specifically pray […]

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The Floyds

There was no reason for me to be nervous.  Not only was I getting to photograph my FAVORITE subject (children), I’ve enjoyed photographing Meredith and Nick before and consider them friends.  Yet, I was STILL anxious for some reason. As I talked to my sister on the phone about my feelings, she reminded me about […]

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Something to Celebrate

If you were to ask my kids what our family ‘celebrates‘, you’d probably be surprised at their answers. Although our family values good grades, school plays, new karate belts and finishing piano books, it’s far from where our praise is found. For our family, there’s NOTHING worth celebrating MORE than seeing God’s plan being carried […]

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