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I USUALLY LOOK ROUGH ‘am not great with fashion’. My floors are DIRTY ‘not always spotless’. I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DECORATE ‘desperately depend on my friends to tell me what to choose for my own house’. Yes, I’ve got 99 problems. But, “Quality Time’ with my kids ain’t 1! I am a HUGE […]

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Brian, Kelly, Maggie & Sally

Photography sessions should be as much as a priority as eating well, new tires and family trips to the zoo. However, it’s true that sometimes scheduling a session can get overlooked with the rush of life. So, I LOVE when people are given the GIFT of a PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION! A friend and NWA real estate […]

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God Game: Mud & Mire

When I first decided to read through the Bible, my only goal was to finish. Sadly, I had put it off WAY too long and was only doing it because I knew it was vital if I wanted to grow in my relationship with the Lord. What I did NOT expect was the JOY I […]

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New York Girl’s Trip

For my mom’s birthday, my sister and I thought it would be SUPER FUN to do a GIRL’S TRIP! We wrote her a poem for her special day and, before we knew it, our backpacks were loaded and we were getting dropped off at the airport! I knew we would have a blast together, but […]

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Kelli & her crew…

Kelli’s my girl. We met in kindergarten. (Here’s that photo I took of her when I brought in a camera for Show-N-Tell!) She was so sweet to drive F-O-R-E-V-E-R away to come see me. I’m a bit sentimental, but I loved taking her kid’s photos on the land between my parent’s and grandparent’s house because […]

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For the past seven years, I’ve had the JOY of documenting Kate! Each year, we try to be super intentional about incorporating her hobbies and interests into her session. I LOVE doing this for 2 reasons:1. It’s REAL. (Nothing against throwing fake snow into the air for a Pinterest-shot, but if you’re not doing that […]

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The Martins

I had a choice to either post a lot of photos tomorrow or get a few out tonight. I thought Kellie would like them now, so…

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