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Monthly Archives: April 2020

“Cheapest Photographer”

I’m convinced Matthew would do just about anything for me. But every birthday when I tell him I’d like a professional photography session of our family, he just smiles and says, “Ohhhh, YOU just need to take them!” If I insisted, I know he’d agree. But at this point, it’s just become a funny tradition. […]

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When Life Gives You Pears (My thoughts on the book)

BOOK: When Life Gives You PearsAUTHOR: Jeannie Gaffigan SUMMARY: Jeannie Gaffigan (wife to comedian Jim Gaffigan) takes the reader into her journey battling a pear-sized brain tumor. Not only was this book really honest and funny, it was written in such a way the reader feels right there with her each step of the way. […]

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A Second Chance

A rush of kids quickly filled a small room and began to zoom around the tiny chairs that, just minutes before their arrival, were all neatly tucked into matching, plastic tables.  Parents had  finished ushering their children through the door.  Some were looking forward to their weekly playtime.  While others required a gentle push from […]

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