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Yearly Archives: 2019

God Game: Mud & Mire

When I first decided to read through the Bible, my only goal was to finish. Sadly, I had put it off WAY too long and was only doing it because I knew it was vital if I wanted to grow in my relationship with the Lord. What I did NOT expect was the JOY I […]

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New York Girl’s Trip

For my mom’s birthday, my sister and I thought it would be SUPER FUN to do a GIRL’S TRIP! We wrote her a poem for her special day and, before we knew it, our backpacks were loaded and we were getting dropped off at the airport! I knew we would have a blast together, but […]

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Kelli & her crew…

Kelli’s my girl. We met in kindergarten. (Here’s that photo I took of her when I brought in a camera for Show-N-Tell!) She was so sweet to drive F-O-R-E-V-E-R away to come see me. I’m a bit sentimental, but I loved taking her kid’s photos on the land between my parent’s and grandparent’s house because […]

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For the past seven years, I’ve had the JOY of documenting Kate! Each year, we try to be super intentional about incorporating her hobbies and interests into her session. I LOVE doing this for 2 reasons:1. It’s REAL. (Nothing against throwing fake snow into the air for a Pinterest-shot, but if you’re not doing that […]

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The Martins

I had a choice to either post a lot of photos tomorrow or get a few out tonight. I thought Kellie would like them now, so…

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Michael & Maddox

I’ve gotten to PLAY take photos of these guys for several years! I missed their sweet mom this visit, but look forward to photographing her with her boys soon!

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