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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Logans

As I look back at my life, I am constantly amazed at the unique ways God blesses me with wonderful friendships.  The Logans are a very special family that I’ve gotten to know through church.  (Ironically enough, Matthew went to church with their family too when he was just a little boy!) Tim and Leslie […]

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Stay-cation: Rayna’s Day!

Matthew was pretty excited when he drew Rayna’s name from our Stay-cation-name-cup.  Being that he’s super thoughtful towards all of us, he thought-out and secretly planned ALL of Rayna’s favorite things! The morning started with Matthew’s pancakes!  (Matthew doesn’t mess-around when it comes to pancakes!  Forget the thick, healthy, fluffy ones.  He makes them thin… […]

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Stay-cation: MY Day!

I was just about to dump Rayna’s small trash container when something told me to open-up the crumbled-up piece of paper at the bottom.  I took out the piece of paper and saw the list she’d been working on since she drew MY name for our Stay-cation week at home (during the kid’s Spring Break).  […]

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Stay-cation: Ruthie’s Day!

  “Ruthie…  After YOUR day, you’re gonna’ need surgery to get the smile off your face!” -Ross     It was true. Ruthie DID have an INCREDIBLE Stay-cation day planned by Ross. He thought of EVERYTHING she LOVED… He started the morning off RIGHT with a dozen {HOT & FRESH} Krispy Kreme donuts! Matthew does […]

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