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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stay-cation: Ross’ Day!

I was excited that I drew Ross‘ name for our family’s Stay-cation! Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast… Barbecue for lunch… Totally surprised Ross by pulling into his buddy’s driveway and telling him he was spending the night with us… (Then, they caught a bat.  Don’t ask.) AN ATTEMPT AT HOMEMADE Fried-rice and frozen egg rolls… […]

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Stay-cation: Matthew’s Day!

Although we always love the time we spend with our extended family, after three back-to-back trips (Mississippi… Colorado… then, Georgia), we knew we needed to stay home for Spring Break.  As I tried coming up with ideas that all of us would enjoy, it crossed my mind that there were FIVE of us- the SAME […]

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My Favorite Shepherd

People often question my sanity when they find out my family is on the road AGAIN.  My sanity would most CERTAINLY be challenged if they knew the REAL truth:  We were driving over 7 hours to… with 3 kids… to stay a place less than 2 days… with NOTHING on our agenda once we arrived. […]

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Decorating with Photos: Polaroid Display

In attempts to get Ruthie to sleep in her own room, I thought it would help to hang some of her favorite photographs on her wall above her bed.  This was an easy project (directions at the end), so I thought I’d share in case others were looking for fun ways to display their own […]

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Maya Faith Mwayi Floyd

Every part of her name, Maya Faith Mwayi Floyd, represents a beautiful picture of God’s love and goodness.  When I asked her mom what God has revealed to her during this past year, Meredith said, “It’s been an amazing journey of God showing me who He is.  Faithful, always on time, cares about the details, […]

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Our Christmas “Gift” (Colorado, Part 2)

In case you missed it, I wrote in my last post, Part 1 of “Our Christmas “Gift,” about our family’s decision to skip PRESENTS and take a family TRIP instead. BEST. TRADE. EVER. One of the HIGHLIGHTS of our trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado was going DOG SLEDDING! Even though I love using words to […]

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Our Christmas “Gift” (Colorado, Part 1)

Matthew had an INCREDIBLE idea… Instead of buying GIFTS for Christmas, we’d take a FAMILY TRIP instead. We pitched our new idea to Rayna.  And, just like we thought, our (“Quality-Time,” traveler, snow-lovin’) gal was SOOOOOO.ON.BOARD with this new idea!  So when we got a big smile from Ross (whose #1 “Love Language” happens to […]

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