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Yearly Archives: 2015

A Great Idea…

It’s not everyday that your husband’s laid-back, childhood friend ask you to take a few, quick photos of his family.  So, I did what any true professional would have done… I BRIBED BEGGED ASKED Rayna to go with me. (Ice-cream may or may not have been part of our agreement.) It was a super idea! […]

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Good Intentions…

I always have good intentions for visiting my friends during trips back to Georgia.  But as much I’d love to hold their babies, hear about the new recipe they made last week or learn about their Small Groups, there seems to be a gravitational-pull that keeps my feet planted on Bowman Road. Bowman Road isn’t […]

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School Holiday!

I drew a  B I G , colorful circle around MLK holiday a few weeks ago.  I was REALLY looking forward to the kid’s being out of school.  But, by 9 o’clock that morning, I already had stacks of dishes piled-up, a fussy 2-year old and another child who was already begging for more ‘technology […]

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Weekend in Mississippi

“Sneaking Out” is not the best way to say it; but, that’s really the only way to describe what my niece and I do when we get together several times each year.  Whether we meet-up in Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi or any other state, we always seem to find a silly excuse to get away from […]

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Kid’s Photos (in matchy-clothes) …SO glad that’s over!

I really wanted to take a few photos of Ross, Rayna and Ruthie.  But, I had 2 problems: 1.  I’m new to NW Arkansas and totally clueless about pretty, legal, unpopulated and unique places to take pictures. 2.  I allow my kids to wear pretty much whatever they want ‘don’t dress my kids super fancy’.   […]

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Rayna’s Birthday Trip to Georgia

I admit it… I look for any EXCUSE ‘reason’ to go back to Georgia for a visit.  So when I saw the kids were out of school around Rayna’s birthday, I knew it would be a GREAT ‘opportunity‘ to make a quick-trip back! “Granny,” the kid’s GREAT, GREAT grandmother, is 99 years old and STILL […]

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