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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Bryant Lifestyle Session

“Oh, how I waited for you… Oh, how I longed to meet you.” When I heard those lyrics in a beautiful song several months ago, I felt such deep emotions inside my heart.  I felt some sadness as I thought about a particular mother who had prayed 7 years for a child.  A child that […]

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Kansas City… QUICK trip!

There are TON of things I’m HORRIBLE ‘not good’ at doing… CRAFTS Home Decorating Small Talk (aka: pointless conversations about pointless stuff that neither parties really care about) Dressing my kids super-duper UNCOMFORTABLE “cute” clothes     But, there IS (1) thing I’m REALLY good at doing… E X P L O R I N […]

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Beach 2015, Part 4!

I would have loved a ‘perfect’ family photo (where Ruthie has all of her clothes on and we all kind-of blended better); but, sometimes it’s easier just to grab a stranger off the beach, yell for all the kids to run over and, 20 seconds later, let everyone go back to looking for crabs… I […]

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