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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Beach 2015, Part 3!

I can’t help taking 5,394 photos on the beach.  Yes, I’ve already posted too many. Maybe this will be my last one. Ruthie loves the beach.  I love taking photos of her loving the beach.  That’s my only excuse…

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Beach 2015, Part 2!

I don’t know if there’s anything I look forward to more each year than going to the beach.  If I were simply going with my own family, it would STILL probably be one of my favorite trips.  But, we’ve been fortunate the past two years to get to meet my parents and sister’s family there […]

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Early Morning Dates

It started when Ross was just a tiny baby. We had taken one of our first trips as a family of 3 and, just like many mornings in our own home, Ross had woken-up WAY TOO ‘early.’  In hopes of letting Matthew sleep past 6:30am, I managed to quickly find my flip flops on the […]

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“Devil’s Den” & Our Camping Adventure

It was Friday at 3 o’clock.  My phone had just informed me that, not only was ‘heavy rain’ in our forecast, there was a big STORM predicted after dark too. Honestly, I just wanted to go get the marshmallows, Hershey bars and graham crackers from the backpack by the door, put them back in their […]

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3 out of 4 (Downtown Bentonville Date)

I had a great idea… We left our house early. Started at the library. Walked a few blocks around downtown Bentonville. ATE ICE CREAM WAY TOO EARLY   Got a mid-morning snack.  (Big hit #1!) Took a break at our favorite tree.  (Big hit #2!) Cooled off at the fountain.  (#3!) THEN, ended-up at the splash […]

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My Niece’s Summer Visit…

Arkansas might not be the first place a person thinks about for ‘vacation‘.  But, for many years (when Matthew’s parents lived here), spending a week in NW Arkansas were some of the BEST memories from my entire YEAR! Although it’s certainly a slower-pace than most other places, there’s actually SO many great events and activities […]

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My Pepper-Eating, Garden Girl (…and video for my dad)

I remember walking through my great-grandparent’s garden when I was a little girl.  My favorite part was eating the banana peppers as soon as they were picked! During our visit in Georgia, while my sister and I took the big kids out, my dad sent me a photo of Ruthie eating-up all his banana peppers […]

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