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Yearly Archives: 2015

Roaring River camping trip

After our last camping trip to Devil’s Den State Park, my family fell in LOVE with camping!  We love experiencing different places, so we decided to try Roaring River, a State Park in Missouri, on our 2nd trip. Looking back… here’s a few of my memories: We DIDN’T GET THE AIR PUMP NEEDED FOR OUR […]

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“Shepherding a Child’s Heart” (my thoughts on the book)

My sister recently asked me what my favorite book was.  Without hesitation, I told her that, although “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” may not be my favorite in terms of reading enjoyment, it totally TRANSFORMED the way I parent.   BOOK:  “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” AUTHOR:  Tedd Tripp SUMMARY: This book shows us the benefits of […]

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Everyday = My FAVORITE photos!

Over the years, I’ve got to photograph my kids in some fun spots. There was even a few times  like, maybe ONCE I made them wear super-cute, matchy outfits for photos. But if I had to choose my FAVORITE photos, they ALL have one thing in common: Most are taken at HOME… on ordinary days… […]

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Jared, Jami, Kariss, Sophia & Harper

Such sweet sisters!  (Sweet parents too…) Jami- I know your family has been through so much this week.  I’m so thankful your mom is doing better.  Hopefully, that news, along with these pictures of your sweet family, will put a smile on your face tonight.  Thank you, once again, for allowing ME to spend time […]

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Lifelong Friends: Rayna & Lydia

As always, our trip back to visit our family and friends passed by WAY too quickly. It was our last night.  The time when we would slowly start packing-up our scattered clothes and toys all over my parent’s house and start dreading the 12-hour drive back to Arkansas that waited for us the next morning.  […]

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Kidstir (… and TIPS for Creating Memories in your Kitchen)!

After seeing photos and hearing stories about cooking adventures with my kids (specifically, Rayna, who just turned 8 years old), I’ve had lots of parents ask me HOW, WHEN and WHY I cook with my kids. Not only do I want to pass along my personal TIPS (that will make you AND your child enjoy […]

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Ruthie’s Milestones & Moments!

It seems like Ruthie has been part of our lives forever.  But, it’s only been the past 3 years that God’s given our family more laughs, cuddles and craziness! Here’s a few of Ruthie’s highlights and a little video at the end…

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