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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Patrick, Kelli, Abigail and Audrey

Remember that crazy blog post a few months ago where I explained my family was moving to Arkansas?!?!  In that same post, although I said I was taking some ‘down time,’ I also knew myself well enough to know that could ALL change very quickly if I met a sweet family.  And that’s EXACTLY what […]

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“So, how do you like NW Arkansas?”

“So, how do you like NW Arkansas?” It’s a question I get a lot.  And although I am certainly missing a lot of people in Georgia, I actually LOVE telling people about all the neat activities that our new area has to offer! When we use to visit Matthew’s parents, my love for the area […]

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My Family’s Trip to Arkansas

Have you ever been so excited to see someone that you found yourself counting down the days until you got to see them again? Well, that was ME after my sister asked if she, her husband, her son and my mom could drive to Arkansas to visit us! And I wasn’t the ONLY one excited… […]

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Happy Birthday, Hannah!

I could write and write about this gal and how much I love her.  BUT, I’m leaving now to go SEE her (and I don’t want to take my computer with me)!  So, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister and best friend, Hannah! I love you! You’re the BEST!

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A Friendship for a Lifetime

On the first day of kindergarten inside a school built with old, stone walls, a friendship that would last a lifetime began when two 6-year old little girls choose one another. A few years down the road, Kelli and I would find ourselves filled with disappointment on school orientations when we realized the others name […]

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Guillaume, Erin, Isabella and Bridgette

I attended a photography workshop recently where Sandy Puc offered her students a challenge.  The idea was that professional photographers often get burned-out from ‘having‘ to take the same ‘standard‘ shots for all of their clients.  Her advice was for us to get the ‘standard‘ shot for our client, but then ALSO take a creative […]

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Matthew, Catalina and Jack

Remember a year ago when I wrote about that warm-and-fuzzy feeling I got after a session?!?!?  If you missed that post, in a nutshell, I photographed a family who was JUST as SWEET and KIND as they were GORGEOUS and PHOTOGENIC.  Oh, and this wonderful couple had this ADORABLE little boy named Jack (…who I […]

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