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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Jacobs

Ironically enough, I first photographed Missy and her family during the short time I lived in Arizona and came back to Georgia to do sessions.  Six years later, and many miles between Georgia and Arkansas, I’m still getting to photograph her wonderful family. And not only did I get to play with Jackson and Jordan… […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Ruthie!

How do you celebrate a 2-year old’s birthday?!?!? Well, if it’s Ruthie’s special day, you START with her daddy’s thin, buttery and amazing pancakes… Yellow nail polish before 8am?  Yes, please… Trip to the creek… Crazy-moves off the diving board… Dinner at Flying Fish in Downtown Bentonville!  Ahhh… that thin, crispy, fried catfish with their […]

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My Lil’ Flower-Picker…

I love observing kids. Each week as Ruthie and I squat down on the floor outside the school cafeteria and wait for Ross or Rayna’s class to make their way towards the lunch room, I LOVE watching all the other kids walk by us.  It’s so interesting, even at such young ages, to notice all […]

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Summer Nights

I love fall boots and pumpkin patches as much as anyone, but boy am I gonna’ REALLY miss it being warm enough for the kids to jump on the trampoline in their bathing suits…

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Crystal Lake

The only thing better than being in an amazing place is going back and getting to relive all the amazing memories you’ve created there.     Along with my grandparent’s front porch swing and the white sand in Aruba, Crystal Lake is a place that will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.  I […]

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Sharing Ice Cream is Over-Rated

Ross had chocolate ice cream on his mind. Rayna had mint chocolate chip ice cream on her mind. And ALL that Ruthie had on her mind was riding Sam Walton’s old truck…   …UNTIL she caught a glimpse of Rayna walking-up. But when you add Ruthie’s PERSISTENCE with Rayna’s SWEETNESS, it quickly adds-up to two […]

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Love this boy…

His laughter… His negotiating techniques… His personality… But as much as anything else, I LOVE how Ross loves Rayna with all of his heart.     Happy 9th Birthday, Ross!

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