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Monthly Archives: August 2014

First Friday

There were still plenty of unpacked moving boxes sitting all around our house… the kids had started arguing about the smallest things… Ruthie wouldn’t let me put her down… and Matthew just called to say he was having to work later than he thought. Although it crossed my mind to just cancel going into downtown […]

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Wild Wilderness Safari

Before I had kids, I was mildly OBSESSED with animals. After only being married a short time, I realized Matthew had his OWN obsession- watching football in the fall.  After many evenings of me watching him yelling at the t.v. (aka: caring more about the team than the team-owner himself), I eagerly volunteered to work […]

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Big Shoes to Fill

Ross is an  I N C R E D I B L E  boy. He’s independent, artistic, tender-hearted, hilarious, affectionate and has more common sense than a lot of adults I know. BUT, he’s also a little FORGETFUL at times. So, it was no surprise when, after we’d already been on the road a while […]

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The Creek

Anytime is a good time to play in the creek. But, there’s just something about Sunday afternoons… I found a pretty heart-flower 4 years ago in Arkansas. But, for Rayna, this HEART ROCK was the best!   Look who ALSO thought Sunday was the PERFECT day for the creek!  It’s Ryan (Matthew’s cousin) and Grizzly […]

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Crystal Bridges and Downtown Bentonville

If you’re in NW Arkansas, definitely add Crystal Bridges to your list of things to do! As we drove down the long winding and wooded road, we noticed a spotted fawn grazing under a large tree.  So, as you can imagine after driving through this little forest, I was very surprised to find this gorgeous […]

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Found a Few Favorites!

Backing-up my hard-drive, I came across a few pictures from the week before we moved to Arkansas.  Here’s a few fun memories from Georgia…       My dad actually took these!  I was at my grandparent’s house one day and he asked me for my camera.  (It doesn’t happen very often, but, I LOVE […]

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