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Monthly Archives: April 2014

POOLSIDE… (last Spring Break post!)

“Mom…  Spring Break was better than a YEAR at Disney World!” -Ross, age 8 Although we were staying just a few minutes from Disney World, if given the choice of a theme-park or a water-park, everyone in our family would have made the unanimous vote to play by the pool all day!  So that’s exactly […]

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Spring Break… On the BEACH!

I could LIVE on the beach.  So, even though we LOVED being in Orlando, we were all READY to get in sand!  (Literally, for me and Ross who both got COVERED in it eventually!) Check back soon… Just 1 more post from our last day as we headed home! And, my family wasn’t the ONLY […]

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Spring Break (…tag-alongs!)

We had barely finished Valentine’s Day when I started asking Matthew the same question he’s heard me ask him many times before: “Soooo… The kid’s are out of school in April for Spring Break… Do you have any customers you need to see in Florida then?  Because, the kids and I would LOOOOOVE to tag-along […]

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Ruthie’s Grandaddy Wears a LOT of ‘Hats’…

Popcorn Popper… Balloon Finder… Back Rubber… Movie Starter… Bed Sharer… Candy Giver… Hug Receiver… Ice-cream Buyer… Story Teller… But of ALL the ‘hats’ Grandaddy wears, his white cowboy one is, hands-down, RUTHIE’s FAVORITE!    

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“This may sound weird, but, can I please take your picture?”

Matthew encounters a lot of ‘interesting’ people when he travels.  But, as he told me about one particular person he had met on a recent flight, I quickly became very intrigued with this man’s occupation… He was a blogger.  (Which was already way-cool.) But, he blogged his drawings.  (Even cooler.) But, the people in his […]

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Congratulations, Kayla! Thank you for driving in for your senior session.  I had a great time with you and your wonderful family!

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