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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Playing at the Park

The day before had been a little tough.  I saw a friend at the park and, after chatting with her (and realizing how terrible I looked), I commented to my sister-in-law that ‘I wish I didn’t look homeless‘.  She clarified that I, in fact, did NOT look homeless.  I just looked like I hadn’t taken […]

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Surving a LONG week…

Some weeks I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL MESS IN COMPLETE SURVIVAL MODE ‘are a little tougher than others’. This was one of those weeks. Matthew was gone all week and I spent most days in his large t-shirts or sporting my father-in-law’s XXL Dallas Cowboy sweatshirt.  Make-up rarely applied.  If my hair got brushed after […]

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(Even) More Snow!

Loved the snow, memories and super-pumped-up kids, but, I’m happy this gorgeous SNOW has recently been replaced by the awesome SUN! Here’s our last few memories of the snow week…

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Easy Clean-up

Hmmmm…. Which is the strangest? The fact that Murphy automatically jumps-up on Ruthie to eat all the left-overs that has fallen into her lap. The fact that Matthew and I APPRECIATE THE EASY CLEAN-UP “allow it”. The fact that Ruthie thinks it’s super funny to have a grouchy, old dog eating mounds of spaghetti off […]

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