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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Snow Days

“Mom?  Do you think school will be cancelled tomorrow?” (a few seconds later…) “Mom?  How will we know if school IS cancelled?” (a few seconds later…) “Mom?  When will we know IF school is cancelled?” (a few seconds later…) “Mom.  I KNOW we’re NOT having school tomorrow.  I’m serious.  I KNOW we’re not.” Needless to […]

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We really don’t even need furniture…

When I look through photos I take throughout the day of my family, I notice one thing… We spend MOST of our time laying or playing on the floor. I realize HOW I MAY COME ACROSS AS OBSESSED ‘that I really value the importances of’ “Lifestyle Sessions,” but, truly… what BETTER way to document your […]

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Zoo Atlanta (SECRET!)

Don’t you just LOVE a good deal?!?! A FREEBIE is EVEN better! Ready for a GREAT SECRET? If you check out Zoo Atlanta’s educational DVD from the library, you’ll receive FREE tickets after you turn it in!  (How great is that?!?!) School was OUT! It was over 50 degrees outside! FREE Zoo Atlanta passes! Cousins […]

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Happy 5th Birthday, Cianna!

I love seeing these sweet little girls!  Just a few weeks ago, I did a “Lifestyle Session” with Cianna and her little sister… just playing and dancing in their pajamas!  So much fun!  But THIS session was REALLY special! Seemed like just a few weeks ago I photographed Cianna’s 4th birthday party, but here we […]

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After feeding lots of little mouths, I’ve found that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for ME to feed a baby without opening MY mouth at the same time. But as I watched Ruthie share her cheerios, I realized it’s also impossible RUTHIE to feed her baby without opening her mouth too.  

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Bill & Pam

When I received a phone call last week regarding photographing his upcoming wedding, I nicely explained to Bill that, because of time restraints with little ones at home, now I only photograph families, children and seniors. He asked me again, explaining that he wanted his family to enjoy the ceremony instead of worrying with taking […]

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My bathtub baby…

Matthew told me I needed a kangaroo pouch for Ruthie. When I load the dishwasher, she SCREAMS UNTIL I PICK HER UP wants to be held. When I start a load of clothes, she SCREAMS UNTIL I PICK HER UP wants to be held. When I put on my make-up, she wants to be held. […]

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