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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Kyle, Rania, Adam and Aiden

Rania’s last words to me on the phone before our weekend session was, “If you can get Aiden to be still, I will clap for you!” Well, although the boys DID do a lot of running (as posted a few photos down), I was able to pull-out some tricks and capture Aiden’s attention long enough […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Rayna had a special assignment for her kindergarten class: In honor of the 1st Thanksgiving, either dress-up like a pilgrim or a Native American. (I think she choose wisely.) Happy Thanksgiving from me and Rayna!

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Jeremy, Becca and the boys!

There was plenty of licks and running during this session with Judah, Caleb, Isaac and their new puppy! (Don’t you just LOVE their outfits?!?!  Great job, Becca!) Enjoy your pictures!

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Jeff, Sydney, Harrison and Ewwie

Her name is Ellie, but ever since she was born, I’ve called her Ewwie.  Can’t help it. Love Harrison. Love Ewwie. Even love Jeff and Sydney.  (They are our good friends, so I’m allowed to say that I love them without it being weird.) Love them all.

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Matt, Catalina and Jack

Do you know that feeling when you’re so happy inside you feel like you could burst? For me, this feeling comes a lot of times when I’m taking photos and realize how fortunate I am to be able to do what I LOVE.  But, sometimes, the feeling is even stronger when I’m photographing a family […]

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Bobby, Stacey, Robert and Elizabeth

Oh, these kids! Robert and Elizabeth were BOTH eager, excited, extremely well-behaved, sweet, cute and funny! Pair them with their VERY photogenic parents, Bobby and Stacey, owners of Dacula Family Sports… No wonder why I was up until 2am working on their images!   

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