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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Smith Lake, Alabama: Part III

I really, really tried to post all of my 2013 lake photos in one blog post.  But, as always, I took WAY too many photos… So, if you like pictures of a chubby baby and families jumping from rocks, click HERE to see the 1st post. Then, if you think you can handle MORE chubby-baby […]

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Smith Lake, Alabama: Part II

Spending a week on a lake may not sound like a ‘vacation‘ to most people, but before you turn your nose-up at the thought of bugs, cooking all week and 7 people spending a week together in a really small house, let me explain why we all enjoy our time at Smith Lake so much… […]

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Jared, Jami, Kariss, Sophia & Harper

Beautiful, sweet and loving family… Warm, summer night… 2 laughing big sisters and a “yummy” baby-girl…     Jami described Harper as “yummy,” which turned out to be the PERFECT adjective for her! Thank you, Jared & Jami!  Can’t wait to share the rest with you!    

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Smith Lake, Alabama: Part I

After last year’s trip to Smith Lake in Alabama, we ALL got our lists together for another great year of swimming, skiing, jumping on cliffs, cooking, catching animals and NO technology!  As you can see from my mom’s text, she packed LOTS of GOOOOOOD food for us to enjoy while we were there.  And, as […]

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Can you believe it?!?!

This lil’ sweetheart was getting SUCH terrible looks from the person sitting beside us, she and I had to leave our lettuce wraps and diced Ahi to go sit outside the restaurant by ourselves.   So what if rice went flying a few times? Who cares if she had a meltdown once Ross’ fork was […]

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Summer Memories

Their clothes were covered in horse hair. Their fingers were stained with blueberries. Their hair was knotted from riding the 4-wheeler. And, I’m pretty sure, they smelled of sweat. In other-words, it was a really great morning.

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