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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Walther family

If I had to choose my favorite thing from my session tonight, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one. There were SEVERAL things that made it great.  Wanna’ hear them?!?! The Walthers choose a location where many of their children’s memories had been made.  It was really exciting to simply follow them around… listening […]

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Rayna’s Special Request…

They met during her first year of preschool.  Although Rayna was terribly shy, she was drawn to this silly and out-going little girl.  At the end of the school year, Rayna’s teacher mentioned how much Lydia helped her come out of her shell.  After a few schedule changes and “special requests” with the school, we […]

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Ummm… Ruthie?!?!?

“Ruthie-Rue? Will you pleeeeeeease be still just ONE second where I can take a quick picture of you?!?!? …Please?!?!? …Just a second!?!?!?”     Thanks, girl!

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Strawberry Tradition: 5 years and counting!

My mom is really good at a whole bunch of things. Some of her many talents include: Cooking HUGE meals for 10, 20, and sometimes 30 people.  All homemade.  Fit for a king.  Put anyone on TV to shame.  (To her… no biggie.) Doing crafts and cooking project with the grand-kids and not even flinching […]

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Look who is 9 months old!

Not sure how it happened, but Ruthie has changed from a sweet little baby to my CRAWLING, FUNNY and SUPER-AFFECTIONATE little doll…   Even though this pink scale currently balances a bunch a baby books beside Ruthie’s crib, over 50 years ago, it was bought by my grandmother to weigh my mom when she was […]

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Beach Trip (Part III)

Just a few more pictures that didn’t make it in the first or second post from Spring Break. Makes me wish I was hanging at the pool this morning… Here’s a few from my camera-phone.  Follow me on Instagram (CHRISTYMARTIN01) to GET PLENTY OF PICTURES OF RUTHIE see my family’s daily adventures… Must be great […]

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