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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Granny & Ruthie

She’s an excellent story-teller. Although she’s had heart-breaking times in her life, her stories are those of hard-work and laughter. She’s an amazing cook. Even though her hands don’t work as quickly and efficiently as they did a few years ago, there’s usually a fresh pan of cornbread and homemade vegetable soup at her house […]

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Happy 1st Birthday, Michael!

Happy 1st Birthday, Michael! I’ve enjoyed watching you grow-up and documenting all your stages, faces and milestones throughout the year. Goodness, sometimes I feel like I am part of your family! Thank you for allowing me to capture your special day!   Don’t you just LOVE the way Michael is looking up at Lindsey in […]

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Gift Certificates

It happens EVERY year… I find myself saying, “ALL I want for my birthday is great family pictures!”  And apparently, I’m not alone.  I’ve talked to so many moms out there who feel the EXACT same way! Great photos are an investment.  However, you will be SO HAPPY that you’ve taken the time to document […]

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I was in kindergarten when we met.  Although she seemed to talk way more than I did, we instantly became friends. On ‘Show & Tell’ day that year, as I timidly stood at the front of the class holding my camera and feeling extremely shy and nervous, the most natural thing for me to do […]

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Delivery Photos… You won’t regret it!

Like most mothers, I have a lot of memories from the days my children were born. The memories from Ross’ birth are great. The memories from Rayna’s birth are also really great. Although Ruthie’s  birth seemed very similar to my other two deliveries, the memories I have from HER special day were marked as one […]

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Cow Obsession: Part II

Feeding the cows last week was so much fun, so I decided to take the kids back one last time while the calves were still young enough to be bottle-fed.  Once we got there, Rayna quickly found her “favorite” calf from last time…   Not sure why, but add cows to the list of things […]

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When Rayna’s not in school, most of her time is spent playing with Ross. She plays HIS games. She plays by HIS rules. She pretends to be HIS favorite Super Mario Brother characters. But, there ARE those 2 hours before Ross gets home from school… So today, while Ross was busy wrapping-up his day in […]

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