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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Pecan Shaking (Part 1)

Most moms check their kids out of school for a doctor or dental visit.  But, Ross’ ‘important appointment’ last week had been planned for several months.  And just like a few other times I’ve let my kids stay out of school to spend with family, this also turned out to be a very educational learning […]

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Saturday morning

It was the start to a GREAT weekend… I stayed in bed a few extra minutes while Matthew fed the kids breakfast.  When I came down the stairs, I saw the SWEETEST sight. The morning light was coming through the window, almost spotlighting Rayna holding Ruthie- both still in their pajamas. I quickly grabbed my […]

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The Langfords

Just finished the LAST photo… for the LAST family… of 2012. I talk about how much I love my job all of the time, but I TRULY APPRECIATE my AMAZING CLIENTS more than words can ever describe. They have allowed me to live my DREAM. They have given me an incredible creative outlet. They have whisked […]

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The Morgans

Last year’s session with Chris, Mary Anne, Katie, Annie and Johnny was so laid-back and fun, I was really excited to do it again this year.  Unfortunately, right after another really great session this year, Mary Anne found out her brother was really, really sick.  I’ve been sitting on their pictures for a few days […]

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When Cortez called me and said her modeling agency needed just one more shot to complete her portfolio, I couldn’t bear to tell her my next session was late January 2013.  Instead, I gladly met her the next day and we finished in less than 20 minutes. She just needed one head-shot, but if you’re […]

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Kenslee told my sister-in-law what she wanted for her birthday… She wanted ME to take pictures of HER and RAYNA… in ALABAMA.  Since none of us knew why she choose Alabama as our spot, I saved a little time and took her to the next, best place- My grandparent’s yard! Happy Birthday, Kenslee!  Love you! […]

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