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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Need TIPS on What to Wear?

My family has never been into coordinating outfits.  Not for beach trips.  Not for church.  Not even for family photos. This Sunday was no different.  The kids quickly dressed themselves as I gathered-up everything I would need to make this super-busy day run smoothly.  We were going to our church, another church across town for […]

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The Morgans: Part II

Based on my blog stats from Friday, it’s obvious how much you all adore Chris and Mary Anne.  But what about those awesome kids of theirs?!?! I loved photographing Chris and Mary Anne alone, but Johnny, Katie and Annie brought SO much energy and spark to our night! It’s time to post some FAMILY photos! […]

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Chris & Mary Anne

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is the friendships and relationships I form with my clients.  There’s nothing better than being at church or the mall and running into families I’ve photographed over the years. The same is true for the most recent family I photographed.  Like many of you reading my […]

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Favorite Curl

There’s one thing I do everyday.  I pick my favorite curl.  (If Matthew or Ross are around, I make them pick their favorite curl too.) Even though sometimes I end-up picking two, it’s usually pretty easy.  But this night?  Well, I loved them ALL so much, I told Rayna there’s no way I could choose […]

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Wedding in Iowa

Matthew’s side of the family jokes about only getting together for weddings and funerals.  And since most everyone lives in different states, it’s kind-of true.  Since the last few get-togethers have been sad occasions, we were all really excited when we were all invited to a WEDDING! Pack your bags!  We’re headed to Dubuque, Iowa!  […]

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Russ & Lindy’s Lifestyle Session

Can I just take a second and tell you a few things I love about this wonderful family? Well, for starters, Lindy and Russ have a great relationship. They serve at our church.  They are becoming Small Group leaders. They are both really sweet. They are both really gorgeous.  It’s no wonder their kids are […]

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“Dear Photograph”

I sat in my parent’s living room, surrounded by several stacks of large photo albums.  Although I had seen the photograph of me a hundred times before, I really started thinking about the old bridge where this photo was taken so many years ago. My dad built this bridge for me where I could ride […]

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