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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Jackson’s 1st Birthday Party

I’ve been the lucky photographer who has gotten to document Jackson growing-up!  I’ve been there for almost every stage of his life, so I wasn’t surprised when Missy asked that I photograph his 1st Birthday Party! Not only are birthday parties fun to photograph, but it also allows the family to relax and enjoy the […]

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I made a new-buddy a few days ago.  His name is Jacob. When we first met, he was only smiling because these pictures were really important to his mom.  But after some baseball-talk, he really started loving me. Jacob found new spots for his pictures. He also came up with some very unique faces. I […]

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Jeff, Meghan & Kohen

When I photographed Kohen last year, he was collecting bugs and sticks without too much to say.  This time was a little different.  A year later, Kohen was still collecting items, but this time it was rocks.  Well, actually ‘meteorites.’  Our conversation consisted of rocket ships, planets and the solar system.  It’s obvious Kohen is […]

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Cody, Lindsay, Emory & Max

I feel like I’ve know Cody & Lindsay my entire life.  After running into them a few times, Matthew and I found we had a lot in common and thought they would be great friends.  We arranged to meet up for dinner one night and were pretty excited about this new friendship we’d found. Soon […]

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As I waited for Reagan’s Sneak Peeks to post, I thought I’d take a second to find out why my blog was loading so slowly. “Loading-Speed Tip #1” suggested not posting a lot of images per post.  Opps! It’s really not my fault for posting soooooo many pictures of Reagan!  Just look at how cute […]

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Hudson & Harrison

It took a few minutes for me to gain Hudson’s friendship, but when I started finding sticks for his T-Rex to eat, I think he started to really like me.  Harrison had fun too!  My favorite part of photographing children is that it feels more like a play-date than a photo session.  And, in my […]

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Mac & Maddox

My family was eating ice cream at Bruster’s a few weeks ago when Matthew ran into someone on his fantasy football team.  He had his two boys with him and I remember talking to the boys and thinking about how much fun it would be to photograph them.  A month later, I get a call […]

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