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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Family Pictures

Like a lot of you, I don’t necessarily enjoy being photographed.  However, I can’t even begin to tell you how passionate I am about the importance of documenting your life through pictures.  Although I’m always taking pictures of my kids throughout our day, our last professional family picture was taken when we lived in Arizona.  (Stay tuned! I plan to post a few “Decorating with […]

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Weekend Renovation

Have you ever seen the yards on the Do-It-Yourself shows where a person’s backyard looks so bad, they bring a film crew and a bunch of workers in to do a total make-over?  Yep- that was our backyard.  Although we loved our house from the moment we saw it, we knew the backyard needed a lot of work.    When Matthew […]

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Is it just me or has it been way too long since I’ve taken pictures of my nephew Parker?  As much as I love Parker, my kids love him even more!   Ross tries to carry him.  Rayna won’t stop kissing him. But, with his incredibly cute faces, do you blame her? If you are a […]

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‘Granny’ and our BIG family session…

How can I describe my great-grandmother? Everyone calls her ‘Granny.’  (Even her cousin who is the same age!) She is 94 years old.  Yet, you are likely to find her raking her yard several times a week. Just a few years ago on a senior-citizen trip, she decided to show-off by climbing the kid’s playset and […]

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New Logo!

It was almost five years ago, but I remember the night like it was yesterday… It was in the wee hours of the morning.  Ross, just a few weeks old, was up for the second time to eat.  My eyes started to get heavy until I noticed a pen laying on the desk in front […]

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Rayna’s Quilt

The “It’s-A-GIRL!” news had barely reached all of our family when I received a phone call from my sister-in-law saying, “Merla said she would make the baby’s bedding!”  Well, if you’ve seen Merla’s work, you simply don’t turn down that kind of offer.  But we did. We knew Rayna wouldn’t be using her crib for too long, so we […]

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If I told you Shelby was Wee Miss GA Christmas, Wee Miss Conyers Cherry Blossom and Wee Miss Snellville, you could take one look at her and know why.  She is clearly a doll.  But, more than just her outward beauty, my favorite thing about Shelby is her personality.  Her mom had mentioned during our session that, although […]

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