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Monthly Archives: February 2010


Lucas is the kind-of-cute that would cause a complete stranger to walk up to his mom and say she’s been seeing him each weekend at church and, this week, she decided to ask if it was okay if she just touched him! Lucas is THAT cute! Joie & Tyrus- Thank you for asking me to photograph […]

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Beautiful Rhyan…

Kelly had great intentions of having Rhyan’s 9-month photos taken right at 9-months.  Although we both were sad to reschedule our session when it snowed last week, there’s nothing like the warmth of sunshine on a beautiful day… As we finished up, Rhyan gave this ‘I’m-Done’ look…  I guess she was afraid we weren’t going to take […]

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“Favorite Things”

It was a normal week in the 4-year old classroom at church.  There was only a few minutes before the children’s moms and dads would start to line-up outside the door to pick-up their child and enjoy the last day of their weekend.  In order to keep the picking-up process easy, we asked the kids to all sit in a circle […]

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Our Outtakes…

Since photographers only post their very best pictures, I thought it would be worth while to post what a session REALLY looks like.  Who better to expose than my own family? THIS is what happened when I tried to be funny…  This is what happened when Matthew was being a little too funny… This is Ross […]

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Clarity is awesome. (Sun is over-rated.)

Last month was kind-of strange.  I had great intentions to use January (the slowest photography-month) to organize, catch-up and try some new recipes.  None of those things happened.  But there was one thing I KNEW would get done in January:  SUN & TONS of PICTURES!  Each year Matthew’s company has a sales meeting and spouses […]

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