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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Meet Shelby…

Before our shoot, Melissa (Shelby’s mom) asked if I could get a picture of Shelby sleeping.  Without consulting Shelby first, I confidentiality answered, “Sure!”  Turns out, Shelby really liked my camera.  As a matter of fact, regardless of the warm room, feeding and soft blankets, Shelby was perfectly happy just watching me.   I’m sure she’s pretty while she’s sleeping, but just look […]

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‘Dixie Dandelions’

When online registration opened for our Small Group (through 12Stone), I became crazy-excited when I got an email from Ashley and Jason saying they were thinking about joining.   It was perfect…  I have always had a desire to lead a Small Group.  And, since music is so important to me, I always envisioned live-worship.  (The first time I met […]

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Chuck & Erin

I know it’s wrong, but as I pulled into Chuck and Erin’s driveway, a pretty strong case of house-envy hit me.  It wasn’t JUST their incredibly gorgeous home; It was their land… barn…fire pits and cows.  (Yes, I’m actually jealous of fire pits and cows.  I am a country girl at heart.) We met Chuck & […]

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San Francisco… Food, Matthew & More

In my last post, I talked about one of my favorite places in San Francisco being the Saturday morning market.  Here’s THE mystery of my trip:  Matthew actually preferred THIS (1lb pear)… to this… As I post these pictures, I noticed a common-theme:  ‘Why I Love Matthew’ 1.  He enjoys me taking pictures of him […]

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San Francisco… Favorite Places

It had been over a week since Matthew and I returned home from our trip to San Francisco to celebrate our 30th birthdays.  On that particular night, the kids had been asleep several hours when Matthew glanced across the desk and asked, “Have you even looked at our pictures from San Francisco yet?”  Um.  Well, kind-of.  […]

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What a Great Family

It started as a family session… …yet ended with me feeling like I had known each one of them for years.   We were given permission to end this session at Mill Creek’s football field where Tommy spends most of his time.  It warmed my heart to see, not only is Tommy a great football player, […]

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Allen, Amy, Brody & Harrison

I have a theory: No matter how much you plan for it, the day of your session will NEVER run smoothly.  If your child misses his  nap, spills chocolate milk all over his clean ‘picture’ clothes, has a meltdown getting into the car, simply decides he doesn’t really want pictures that day or, my favorite, you and […]

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