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Monthly Archives: September 2009

The kid who does it all…

Is it possible for someone to make my job extremely easy, yet terribly difficult at the same time?  Nick does it to me each time I photograph him.  He always smiles, never blinks and brings along at least one personal object with him that tells a story about his hobbies and interests at the time.  (Two sessions ago, Nick […]

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I am passionate about being passionate.  So much in fact, when we started a Couple’s Small Group (through our church), the ‘Ice Breaker’ question I picked to ask everyone this week was, “What are you passionate about?”  Although I’ve had days to think about my answer, I know it’s going to be hard to limit […]

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The Girl with a Million Faces

Although I was a little bummed about Ross starting pre-school this year, I have really enjoyed having Rayna to myself a few hours during the day.  Some days we get a lot accomplished, but most are spent cuddling back at home with her saying, “Ross… skool” every 30 minutes.   This week, however, I had a […]

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Fair Junkie

I was in denial for a while, but it’s time to face the facts… I’m a fair junkie. I’ve never been able to resist the combined smell of grease, popcorn and cow manure.  From the food, lights, livestock and energy… what’s NOT to love?   For over 2 months, I’ve had “FAIR w/ ROSS!” writen in my organizer on […]

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Free Watermelons

My sessions normally don’t end with me sitting in my client’s kitchen eating-up all their fresh fruit.  However, that’s what happened on Friday.  Although I had never met Peggy and Joe prior to our session, from the minute I walked into their house, they treated me like family.  As I packed-up my camera at the […]

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Happy 4th Birthday, Ross!

As I drove to my parent’s house to decorate for Ross’ 4th birthday, I cried.  It wasn’t one of those pretty, single-tear-trickle-down, cry.  It was a mascara-running, nose-blowing, border-line-sobbing, ugly cry. I was all alone in my car that day when my favorite song (from my favorite children’s CD) came on.  All I could do was humbly […]

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